Recent Research

As a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative, Elliot was involved with the following research projects:

Millennial Research Panel

Quantitative and qualitative research regarding marketing of sexuality-related products in an undergraduate student population

Sexological Worldview Development

Development of inventory tool to measure individuals’ sexological worldviews

Intimate partner violence (IPV) between men who have sex with men in Argentina and Spain

Investigation of prevalence and rate in IPV in those populations

M.S. Research

For his M.S., Elliot studied ecology, evolution, and behavior, focusing on animal communicate and mate choice, specifically acoustic communication in gray treefrogs (Hyla chrysoscelis).

Male calling behavior in wild and laboratory-recorded Hyla chrysoscelis

Female preferences for call duration and rate in hormone-treated and wild-caught Hyla chrysoscelis

Call modification and the Lombard Effect in Hyla chrysoscelis

Assessing multiple levels of acoustic signal variation in boreal chorus frogs (Pseudacris maculata)