Recommended Resources

Teaching Sex Education

Teaching Sex Ed – A blog about best practices in sexuality education, including the development and critique of curricula, lesson plans, and other material, information about incorporating technology and media, teaching students with varying cultural and developmental backgrounds, and information on education ideologies and philosophies.

Gender Identity

Teen/YA fiction books about sexuality and gender (pdf)

For Parents and Guardians

Supporting your LGBTQ or Questioning Child (pdf) – A handout with suggestions and methods for best supporting your LGBTQ or questioning child, including what you as a parent/guardian/family member can do as an individual, with your child, and as a family.

Educational Apps

SexPositive – An app (available for iPhone and Android) that provides sex positive information on safer sex practices (for activities involving a partner(s) as well as those involving self, toys, or other objects), including STI risks and communication advice.